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Mail order skate sharpening available. Send us your skate blades for a professional sharpening. Maintain your sharpening with your Pro-Filer. Be a consistant performer and Save Money!

Skate Blade Replacements available


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Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener

In 1989, our family was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with our son attending a hockey tournament. Late Saturday evening, he damaged a blade edge and could barely skate.

After a frantic search, I found a rink employee to sharpen the damaged blades on Sunday morning before the next game. When our son stepped onto the ice for the important final game, he discovered that the blade sharpening had been done very poorly and he had no inside edge. He could barely maneuver.

We were all very disappointed. I immediately began thinking that there must be a portable skate sharpener for emergencies like this. During the long drive home, I could think of little else.

After several years of industry investigation, machining and stone testing, the first and Original Pro-Filer was born. Seven years later, after tens of thousands of Pro-Filers have been sold, Edge Specialties introduced the next generation, Pro-Filer Plus. Now we are pleased to introduce the Pro-Filer Diamond. We believe the diamond abrasive takes the Pro-Filer to a whole new level and we hope you feel the same.

Brad Anderson
Inventor; the Pro-Filer


Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener

Quality skate sharpening produces level edges and accurate hollow distribution which can greatly benefit the performance of all skaters. A reliable professional skate sharpening and a Pro-Filer Diamond sharpening kit working together can be the two best friends your blades can have.

Understanding of proper blade conditions by the skater, coach and professional will benefit everyone. Lack of understanding only benefits your competition.

Skate sharpening professionals at Edge Specialties, Inc. offers skate blade evaluation, sharpening and rocker correction. Please call us at 800-827-3343 (EDGE) or email us at pro-filer@charter.net.

Knowledge builds confidence, Confidence builds Champions!


Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener

Edge Specialties, manufacturers of the H. D. I., Rocker Bars and Pro-Filer Skate Sharpeners, is dedicated to product development and skater education in an attempt to assist skaters of all disciplines to perform better on better equipment. Edge Specialties offers skate sharpening training along with these innovative tools to assist skate sharpening professionals in providing an excellent skate sharpening service with confidence.