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Mail order skate sharpening available. Send us your skate blades for a professional sharpening. Maintain your sharpening with your Pro-Filer. Be a consistant performer and Save Money!

Skate Blade Replacements available


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Boot Punch

Ease those sore spots with the Boot Punch!

Edge Specialties has produced this one of a kind, simple tool to enable you to break in new skates with little effort.

The Boot Punch reaches all areas of the skate boot to soften sore spots and assist in breaking in those new skates.

Away game – Competition – Take it along – No problem!


Boot PunchPrice: $89.95

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A necessary tool for every equipment manager to have in their aresenol.

This tool is for everyone who has ever had sore feet from skates. Give this product a try and you will be able to custom fit any boot to any skater without the hassle of traditional methods.