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Mail order skate sharpening available. Send us your skate blades for a professional sharpening. Maintain your sharpening with your Pro-Filer. Be a consistant performer and Save Money!

Skate Blade Replacements available


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H.D.I. also available from:

Hollow Depth Indicator – H.D.I.

The Problem

Blade hollow depth often vary which cause the blade to "bite" and feel different. Off center grind creates uneven edges. The low edge will have diminished traction. If these variations are severe, and they often are, skating performance is adversely affected.



The Solution


The H.D.I. is the only measuring tool that indicates the precise depth
of hollow, the edge balance and rocker radius. This indication by the H.D.I. will totally remove the skate grinding guesswork and deliver confidence to the skate sharpening professional and skater.

Ask your skate sharpening professional to use the H.D.I. when sharpening your skates.

If you’re sharpening skates-you should be using the H. D. I. regardless of the machine that you are using. 



The Solution

Center grinding creates level edges. Off center grinding creates one high edge and one low edge. The low edge will not penetrate the ice properly and will result in unexpected release under pressure while the high edge will have excessive bite. A severe uneven edge will contribute to a poor performance and possible injury. The only way to ensure edge balance and accurate hollow depth is by the use of the H.D.I.









The Solution

Improperly conditioned blades, whether it be dull edges, inappropriate hollow, off center hollow or distorted hollow can greatly hinder a skater’s performance. Hollow depth, edge balance, edge sharpness and blade rockering are the four primary factors of "Blade Condition". Any deterioration of blade condition will negatively affect skater performance. The worse the condition, the more negative the impact.

The majority of skaters, both figure and hockey, are performing on faulty blades. Faulty blade conditions should be discovered when repair is easily performed. But, other than dull edges, it is difficult to evaluate blade condition without specific measuring tools.

The H.D.I. and Rocker Bars present an instant picture of blade condition. These tools will detect defects early and accurately so that you can make adjustments before skater performance is compromised. Poor blade conditions can easily be detected and consequently corrected if you have the proper tools and information. Where skate blades are concerned, what you don’t know definitely can hurt you!


Hollow Depth Indicator: $249.95 U.S.

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