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Mail order skate sharpening available. Send us your skate blades for a professional sharpening. Maintain your sharpening with your Pro-Filer. Be a consistant performer and Save Money!

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Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener

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WOW, the Pro-Filer is my very favorite skating accessory!  I've sharpened my skates, my kids' skates, my friends' skates . .  You'll probable sell a few more units soon, just because the folks I know who I've sharpened for will want their own!  I just LOVE being able to say Hmm, I don't like my left skate today, and FIX IT myself in less than 15 minutes!  I've actually taken a skate off during an ice session and fixed my blade in that amount of time  . . .I really don't want to be without my Pro-Filer sharpening kit, so I want to order replacements before I actually need them.  Thanks SO much! 

– JeAnna Badenell


Hey, I lived by using your product back when I was living in Italy 1994-1997. Thanks!

– Dale Campbell


What a difference!!!!!! Several weeks ago I tested the European Waltz, a pre silver level dance. and did not pass.  but did not expect to pass it on the first try.  But now, after 10 minutes on the ice, the 3 trurns were soft and edges perfectly clean going into turn and out.  back outside edge on the right was an unbelieveable ride.. everyone has been trying every experiment to make my right foot do the correct edge, so with the much gritting of teeth and guts, I was able to hold on to the edge long enough to make do.  Today it was an awesome ride.  I will skate with dance coach next week. won't tell him about the reset blade and will see what happens.  Happy Fall and thanks again for such a custom sharpening.

– Brenda


Hi, First of all your Pro-Filer Diamond 3/8" radius is an awesome tool!  We never leave it at home during hockey season.  I purchased it on 1/8/98.  Eight other members of our club have purchsased the Pro-Filer after I sharpened their skates.  It still puts a nice edge on my boy's skates.  Thanks! Sincerely,

– Brian Hubert


I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my Pro-Filer works.
It is a great tool and I think everyone should have one. Thanks again.

– Kenny Sherry


Jan and Brad,

I purchased a Pro-Filer Plus from you several years ago.  The Pro-Filer Plus is my primary method of skate sharpening for my kids hockey skates.  The Pro-Filer gives me a consistent hollow and has saved me big bucks by not having to pay for a conventional grind.  As a former equipment manager for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL, I am quite familiar with a proper skate sharpening and the Pro-Filer Plus gives me that "professional sharpening" 

– Kevin Cady
Former NHL Equipment Manager


I have been using the Pro-Filer for several years.  This has been a great tool, saves needless sharpening consequently, I do not have to purchase new blades every year.  Thanks so much. . . .  Regards,

– Jim


As a testimonial, I have had my sharpener for two years a half inch hollow to start  and then I ordered the 3/8"  Since that time, I have sharpened by the machine at the rink only twice for all five pairs of skates in the family.  At $4.00 per pair, that would have been over $200.00 for one skating season.  I was amazed at the value I have received using the Pro-Filer.  I decided that if I used it properly at regular intervals, I could maintain edges for most of the year and only need grinding once in a while to get out deep burrs and nicks.  I even use it on my kids temamates skates during tournaments when finding a machine sharpener out of town becomes hard to do.  This is a great product.

– Kirk Miller, Hockey Player/Coach


I purchased a Pro-Filer last year and I absolutely love it!  Thanks for coming up with such a practical, precise and easy way to sharpen my blades!  The inconsistency and trouble that I have had with skate sharpening has been minumized and almost completely eliminated.  Thanks again for this ingenius product. 

– Rainy Jacobsen


Jan and Brad,
I have owned a Pro-Filer for over 4 years now and have never been more satisfied with a single piece of hockey equipment. Thank you so much,

– Rob Ross


Just wanted to drop a quick email to praise your product.  I received a hockey Pro-Filer for Christmas last year ( a hockey buddy had recommended it to me).  Using it for several months, I was very pleased with the results.  After getting the hang of using the Pro-Filer, I could put an edge on my blades that was so sharp, it felt like I was flying on the ice.

Just last week, I had forgotten to sharpen my skates and had no time to do it.  I took my skates to a local shop who sharpened them for me.  Later that night I got onto the ice and much to my dismay, my local merchant's sharpening was horrible.  It actually felt like the blades were de-tunned.  No edge, No control.  I left the ice early.  The next day, I took out my trusty Pro-Filer, sharpened my blades to a razors edge and skated with the usual confidence I have come to expect after using your product. Sincerely,

– Jay Arnone


Dear Folks,
Two years ago I ordered a Pro-Filer with the diamond abrasive.  Well after myslef and three kids playing hockey, . . it's pretty much not cutting as well as it should.  I'd like to order another diamond.  I've had my skates sharpened twice in all that time.  And that was only to remove some bad nicks, otherwise, I've used the Pro-Filer!!! (And I'm on the ice virtually every day as either a player, coach or referee).  Cheers,

– Paul


Dear Pro-Filer,
I've been using your product for some time now and I just love it.  I originally bought a Pro-Filer wit the intent of keeping up my son't skates between "professional" sharpenings.  After using it for several months I decided to have his skates sharpened at a pro shop (one which came highly recommended as the place to go for the best job).  When I checked out the job they had done  I was severely disappointed and spent some time getting a real edge back on the skates with my little old amateur's tool (Pro-Filer).  The Pro-Filer not only does a better job and saves me money in the process, but I believe it adds life to the blades.  It's so easy to take off metal with a power grinder that frequently sharpened blades shrink pretty quickly.  After nearly two seasons of weekly Pro-Filer use my son's skate blades had no preceptible wear.  Thank you.

– Steve Army


First off, let me tell you what a wonderful product you have.  I both play and officiate and I use the Pro-Filer on my skates before every session.  In fact, I don't think I've had them sharpened professionally since I bought them last year.  Thanks very much, and keep up the good work!

– Scott Benoot


I would like to write a testimonial.  I am a hockey player and a hockey referee, so I use my skates an awful lot.  For hockey I like a fair to sharp edge but for refereeing I prefer my blades to be not as sharp.  This is where the Pro-Filer ahs been great for me.  I can take two minutes to touch up the sharpeness of my blades when ever I play hockey and leave them when I referee.  Also, I save so much money using the Pro-Filer, I would have to get my skates sharpened about 27 times, but I usually only pay to get them sharpened about twice in a season.  My blades would wear out quickly from all the sharpening I would require if I didn't have the Pro-filer. 

Thank you so much Pro-Filer!!! 

– Doug Merkley


Dear Pro-Filer,
I recently purchased your diamond honing stone for the Pro-Filer Plus.  I am very satisfied with its performance.  Althought I wasn't to excited about the initial cost, I realize in the long run it will pay for itself.  i was pleased with the job the old stones did, but the Diamond stone does the job in half the time.  The product is great and I think I've sold some of the guys I skate with on it.  If you come out with any new stuff, please mail me out any info you have.  Thanks again and I have never skated better! 

– Mike Montgomery


To my Good Friends at Pro-Filer
Just wanted to write this letter to say thanks for making a great product like the Pro-Filer.  I recently bought your product after reading about it in Hockey News.  After a few times on the ice I had a really flat edge.  I said "well, here goes"  and Wow! what an edge I got then.  Even came out of the game with 2 goals. Thanks again for an awesome product!  Your Friend Forever,

– Jim


Dear Pro-Filer,

Just a few lines to let you know that I received the Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener for figure skates yesterday and am happy to report that I am well pleased with the way it has restored my old MK Phantom blades.  As you may recall I was apprehensive about changing from a 7/8 to a 1/2 radius, being fearful that I would lose the free-flowing glide that I was accustomed to for figures.  Since having experienced a very unsatisfactory result from machine skate sharpening in the past, I was afraid to entrust my skate blades to anyone again and just skated till the blades were about flat.

Then I found out about the Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener.  I was impressed by your guarantee of satisfacton so decided to take a chance, as it wasn't getting any easier skating on those flat, dull skate blades.  Since my blades were so far worn after some 230 hours of use, I had to do over a thousand strokes per blades to re-establish a radius with acceptable edges.  But this was an extreme amount of wear and thus I was not dismayed about having to "work" a little.

My first session with the newly Pro-Filered blades proved to me that the "gamble" and the "work" have paid off.  After about a half-hour of getting used to the new feel of things, I found much to my delight that not only was it great to have sharp edges again, but those edges were clean and true, going where they are supposed to instead of grabbing and wobbling around like they sometimes did after machine sharpening.  And last of all but not least, the free-flowing glide was there, even with the sharp edges.  Like having the best of both worlds.

The only regret I have is that it took 40 years of skating to find you folks! Now at long last I have the means to maintain my skate blades the way I want them on a consistent basis.  Now that the blades are sharp I know that they can be kept that way with very few strikes as compared to my initial labor.  Thanks for a great product and my wishes for your continued good success. 


– Robert Nissley


I have the older Pro-Filer and have not had to machine sharpen my blades in over 2 years. At one time I was playing, coaching two teams and refereeing 6-7 games a week. I am very meticulous about the edge on my blades and find that the Pro-Filer does a perfect job of maintaining my skate blades. Thanks,

– Jim


A true story — On his first shift, our top scorer is falling all over the ice.  It seems pond skating the night before is the culprit.  No edge.  200 strokes with the Pro-Filer later (didn't even miss a shift) he scores his first goal - then another in the third period.  We win 3 - 1.  I call it the Pro-Filer victory! 

– Bill Grayson.

PS.  I had just received the Pro-Filer a week earlier.


Ninth Wonder of the World

After 40 years in ice skating and seeing thousands of dollars lost due to damaged blades being sharpened by someone who either did not know how to sharpen blades or did not care, we finally have a simple blade sharpener that anyone can use and get a fantastic edge on their freestyle, figure or hockey blades.

Just this past week one of my students had his John Wilson Gold Seal blades ruined by someone who did not know how to sharpen the blades by keeping the edges even and not removing the rocker in the blade.  The blades were cut flat three to four inches from the toe pick.  Without the rocker and hollow ground in the blades you can not control the skate!

Your Pro-Filer skate sharpener is the answer to thousands of advance ice skaters' problems of keeping a good sharp edge without grinding the blade away. I sharpened five pairs of skates in one hour.  The result was the best edges these blades have had since they were new!

Another great thing about your Pro-Filer is you get a great edge without wasting the blades away from over grinding, and you do not get "dimples" and "hot spots" on the surface of the blades.
We will never be without the Pro-Filer in our bags!


– John "Buck" Whitten

PS:  I don't know why I did not invent this fantastic piece of genius!!


My son has Easton skates and prefers a shallow hollow. His coach from last year has a Pro-Filer that he purchased a few years ago and my son says they are perfect when his coach does them. Only problem is we don't know which one to order. Do you have a Pro-Filer with a 1/2" or 5/8" radius? Can a person order by phone? I appreciate your help as he will be soon starting Junior camps and having a Pro-Filer along will be a big help. Thanks,

– CJ


Dear Jan,
I received the replacement Diamond Honing abrasive and it is GREAT!. Also, the fine stone does a good job of smoothing and polishing. This is my third Pro-Filer replacement and I can't begin to figure out how much we have saved in the last 6 years and my son's skates have been the way he likes them. So thanks again, and thank you for all the extra help and support. Sincerely,

– Colin Canham


Just would like to say how much I like your product. Any goalie who doesn't have your product should go out like right now and order one. Thanks again,

– Jay DeMarco

I just want to say sincere thanks for the Pro-Filer hockey skate sharpening system. I've been meaning to do this for many years so it's long over due...

I have had several Pro-Filer sharpeners ( I sharpen once a week, buying a new Pro-Filer sharpener approximately every 5 years as I replace my worn out boots. Not only does the Pro-Filer give me professional edges, it really saves me time, money (including untrained, but well meaning people who have ruined blades using traditional aggressive sharpening systems.)

The Pro-Filer system also-preserves my blades, rocker and doesn't compromise the blades' temper or sacrifice removal of excessive metal like other aggressive sharpening systems.

I have promoted your product for over a decade and wouldn't dare skate without the Pro-Filer sharpening system. With consistent edges I'm always confident with the expected performance on the ice. I will be purchasing another Pro-Filer with the next three months with the anticipated purchase of new skates.

Thanks again for your wonderful product! Sincerely,

– Jim Masters