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Mail order skate sharpening available. Send us your skate blades for a professional sharpening. Maintain your sharpening with your Pro-Filer. Be a consistant performer and Save Money!

Ask about skate blade replacements.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener

Pro-FilerWorld's Leading
Hand Held Skate Sharpener

Regular use of the Pro-Filer with Diamond abrasive allow skaters to:

Repairing severe wear, damage, or altering blade hollow, requires significant blade removal which should be done with a power grinder.

Normal blade wear, the dulling of edges after several hours of skating can be corrected by removing a minimal amount of blade materials. This can be accomplished quite easily with the non-motorized sharpening tool, Pro-Filer Diamond.

Regular blade tune ups between grinding is referred to as the "Pro-Filer Blade Maintenance Program". This program allows skaters to personally maintain consistent quality edges and benefit from the convenience and economy of doing it themselves.

Available in various radius for hockey, goalie and figure skates. Pro-Filer kit contains everything necessary to sharpen skates and a complete money back guarantee!

Blade width and blade rocker or profile will have an affect on the hollow radius outcome.

Radius Hollow Illustration:

This is an illustration that compares abrasive size radius to existing hollow radius. A proper match is essential for effective Pro-Filer skate blade maintenance.


Hockey and Goalie Kit

Hockey Pro-Filers are available in 3/4" radius,
1/2" radius, 7/16" radius, 3/8" radius (most popular),
and 5/16" radius.

Hockey kit includes:



3/4" radius + Add to cart
1/2" radius + Add to cart
7/16" radius + Add to cart
3/8" radius + Add to cart
5/16" radius + Add to cart







Hockey and Goalie Kit

Goalie Pro-Filer is available in the 1/2” (most popular) radius and a 3/8” radius.

Goalie kit includes:


1/2" radius + Add to cart
3/8" radius + Add to cart










Figure Pro-Filer KitFigure Pro-Filer is available in the 1/2” radius
for figures, 7/16 and 3/8” radius for freestyle and 5/16” radius for aggressive freestyle and dance.

Figure Pro-Filer Kit includes:


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7/16" radius + Add to cart
3/8" radius + Add to cart