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Mail order skate sharpening available. Send us your skate blades for a professional sharpening. Maintain your sharpening with your Pro-Filer. Be a consistant performer and Save Money!

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Pro-Filer Skate Sharpener

Pro-FilerDon't be caught off your Rocker!

Skate blade rocker is the skate blade curvature form toe to heel. The amount of curvature is measured in feet/radius as though the blade were part of a large circle. Hockey skates will have a 9’ or 11’ radius while a goalie skate will have 28’ or a flat radius. Rocker radius is critical to skaters balance. Checking rocker radius or profile on blades can easily be identified using the rocker bars.

Skate rocker or profile is a critical measurement in skate blade maintenance. Toe and heel rocker begin at calculated intervals depending upon the size of the rocker. Toe rocker, base rocker, and heel rocker are three very important areas within the blade curvature to maintain. Rocker can be distorted through numerous skate blade sharpenings or grindings. The result of these distortions can affect skater balance as well as blade bite. Skater performance will suffer.

Rocker correction must be done by a skilled skate
sharpening professional with proper equipment.
Use of the rocker bars provide an accurate visual
identification of these very important areas of your blade.

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